2020 Art Show

Do you have a creative practice that is, in the words of Barbara Brown Taylor, saving your life right now? If so, we'd love to showcase your work in a *virtual* art show we're putting together! Just upload a picture of something you've made (recently or not) that makes you happy: could be a drawing, painting, or handcrafted item--or even a pic of your yard or garden, or something you whipped up in the kitchen. The idea? Art is everywhere! And making/seeing/sharing it can help us feel better when the world is upside down. 

Prefer to email your photo(s) instead? Send them to abrown@nkcpl.org with Art Show in the subject line. Thanks so much for letting us see and share your work! 

The fine print: Multiple submissions welcome. Open to creators of all ages! Submissions welcome through August 15.