Birding 101 for Backyard Summer Fun: Archive Link and Resource Roundup!

Spending a lot of time in your backyard these (socially distant) days? If so, you may find yourself noticing more bird activity than you ordinarily would. That's great! We're building a small archive of local bird life--and we'd love to include your photos, videos, and audio clips in that collection. You can access that here. 

If you're new to bird-watching and want some tips, here's a brief roundup of quality resources to help you get underway. 

Bird-watching 101 with

How to Start Birding with Outside Online

Identifying Birds with The Cornell Lab

Plus, a link to a list of great bird-identification apps!

Have some good resources you'd like to share? Drop us a line and we'll add them to our list. In the meantime, happy birding! And don't forget to send us your best bird pics. :)