Curbside Crafts is expanding! Now offering EIGHT (!) new project kits--while supplies last!

We miss connecting with you at Library programs, NKCPL community! But we're still thinking of you--and want to offer you a *version* of some of our in-person workshops for adults to help you stay crafty this summer. 

Here's are the project kits that we've got in stock at the moment. Give us a call to reserve your kit (or kits) today!  

Greeting Card-making Kit - Another great 2-card set from crafter Joy Hood! 

Paper, fabric & felt brooches, with buttons & beads (no-sew) - These are so fun and easy! A great kit for kiddos, too--provided there's adult supervision for the use of any hot glue.:)

Felt rosette pins (no-sew) - These super-simple spiral-cut flowers come together fast. Tagged 'adult' bc you'll need good sharp scissors, plus a dab of hot glue or two at the end.

Happy little garlands (no-sew) - This kit includes a length of jute twine, plus lots of rectangle- and triangle-cut colorful papers. Arrange the paper pieces on the string, then hot glue (preferably) to affix. Makes any space more festive!

Felt heart-shaped pins (hand-sewing) - A super-simple hand-sewing project! Great for beginners. This kit includes a needle, so do be careful when you pick it up!

Clothesline rope bowls (sewing) - This project requires a sewing machine and just a little bit of sewing know-how. Here, you're using a zig-zag stitch to stitch clothesline rope into a potholder, bowl or basket. Once you get the hang of it, you won't want to stop! If you search this project on Pinterest, you'll find tons of inspiration there.

Contour masks (sewing) - Another machine-sewing project--good for beginners. You can do it!

Nightshirt bundles (service sewing for City Union Mission) - This project is SO simple--if you can sew a straight stitch, you can handle this one! All you're doing is sewing a hospital gown closed (right up the back) to make a nightshirt. Just one stitch! (The gowns, which come from City Union Mission, were laundered prior to delivery, and have sat in quarantine for several weeks.) These nightshirt bundles include three gowns.

To reserve a kit or kits, just give us a call at 816.221.3360 and let us know which one(s) you’d like. Or you can email and request your kit (and we'll be in touch to confirm availability). We’ll set your kit(s) aside for you, and you can pick it up via Curbside when you’re ready. While supplies are limited, we WILL be adding additional kits (for some fun new projects) over the next few weeks, so watch this space for updates. 

Thanks, and happy crafting! 

p.s. Have questions about this giveaway, or other online programs at NKCPL this summer? Just let us know!