Hey, e-book readers!

Did you know that you can log your e-books and e-audiobooks to earn points in the Summer Reading Program? You can! You can also find and log secret codes throughout the summer--on the hiding bear in the Children's department, on front desk checkout receipts, and on the Book Walk outside--which will earn you additional raffle chances in our end-of-summer prize drawings. And here's a secret: even if you don't come in to the Library to check out your books, you can still collect a code (good for the entire month of June) by clicking over to our current newsletter. This way, if you mostly/only read digital-format books--or if you just don't come into the Library that often--you can still enter secret codes to earn more prize-drawing chances. Any questions? Let us know! And don't forget to check your July newsletter for next month's secret code. Happy reading in the meantime! >>