Want to make your own mask? We've got you covered.

Given recent guidance from the CDC, you may be interested in making your own mask to wear in public. Maybe you want to make masks for your family or friends, or for health care workers. NKCPL sewing instructor Patty Ibarra has done just that, sewing more than 100 masks for folks all over the country in just the last two weeks. (WOW. Amazing, Patty!) While we at NKCPL are looking forward to making our sewing space available for this purpose when we reopen, we wanted to share a couple of good mask-making tutorials with you in the meantime. This one, from JoAnn fabric, is where Patty started her mask-making journey. And this one, from The New York Times, offers a great roadmap, too. In fact, the NYT version doesn't require elastic or interfacing--and (bonus) it can be hand-sewn with a needle and thread (no machine required). It also provides detailed info about your material selection. (For example, were you aware that sewing elastic can't be bleached, and is therefore less suitable than fabric to use for the mask's ties? Or that folks with a latex allergy should avoid elastic? Good to know.) And finally, this YouTube tutorial is excellent, too! This version is super simple and quick to make, if you have access to a machine. If you do make wind up sewing a mask (or 20), send us a photo! We'd love to share a picture of your work with our Library community. In the meantime, take care and be well. We hope to see you sometime soon.