Voter Info

Feeling some election-related overwhelm? Hang in there! We've got you covered. Read on for dates, deadlines, and details relevant to casting your vote in the General Election on November 3. 

Important dates for voters:
October 7: Last day to register before the General Election
October 21 @ 5 pm: Last day to request an absentee/mail-in ballot by mail
October 27: Last day to send an absentee/mail-in ballot through the mail
November 2: Last day to request an absentee/mail-in ballot in person
November 3: General Election. If voting absentee/mail-in ballot, your ballot must be received by 7 pm. 

Who can register to vote? 
You must be a resident of Missouri (or the state in which you're voting), and you must be a U.S. citizen. If you are 17, but will turn 18 before the election date, you may register to vote. 

How do I register to vote in Missouri, or find out if I'm already registered? 
To register to vote, or to check your registration status, go here. Please note that your Voter Registration Form must be postmarked by the 4th Wednesday before the election. This year, that's October 7. 

I'd prefer to vote by mail this year. Can I? What's the difference between a mail-in ballot and an absentee ballot? 
In a typical election year, individuals who can't vote in person are allowed to vote by absentee ballot. This includes citizens with disabilities, or those who may be out of their county on Election Day. This year, however, due to the pandemic, any registered voter may request a mail-in ballot. All mail-in ballots, and some absentee ballots, require notarization. To request a mail-in or absentee ballot, go here. For more information about absentee and mail-in ballots, including info about which absentee ballots require notarization, go here. 

I plan to vote in person. How do I find my polling place? 
To find out where your polling place is located, go here. In Clay County, polling places are open from 6 am-7 pm on Election Day. (If you live in a surrounding county, you'll want to check with your local election authority for poll hours. Scroll to the bottom to find those links.) If you are in line at the closing time of 7 pm, you have the right to cast your vote. 

Will I need an ID to vote in person? 
Yes. You'll need to show one of the following forms of identification to vote: 
* ID issued by the state of Missouri, an agency of the state, or a local election authority of the state
* ID issued by the U.S. government or agency thereof
* ID issued by an institution of higher education, including a college, university, or vocational and technical school, located within the state of Missouri
* A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that contains your name and address

For more information, or to request a free Missouri nondriver ID for voting purposes, go here.  

For detailed, county-specific information about voting in the Kansas City area, please visit your county election authority's site. 

In Missouri: 
Clay County
Jackson County
Platte County

In Kansas: 
Johnson County
Wyandotte County

Want to learn more about local candidates and issues? Check out VOTE411, a fantastic resource for election-related info, provided by the League of Women Voters Education Fund.