A Short Timeline

1927-1934: Committee lobbied for a library
1935: 1st public committee meeting asked for community donations
1936: NKC Library opened in a corner of high school library
1930s: Committee plans for new library include 2 reading rooms, auditorium, and outside pool
1939: NKC Library and Recreational Building opened
1939: Summer Reading Program began as the Vacation Reading Club
1940: Table tennis and other activities were added to library basement
1940: 1st story hour
1954: Remodel planned, auditorium converted to 3rd reading room
1955: YMCA left basement and Board of Education moved in
1961: Photocopy Machine
1967: Record Player & Records
1967: Film Projector (showing 50-90 films a month)
1967: Homebound Service started
1967: 3 Cassette Tape Players
1967: Art Collection for checkout
1970s: 8mm and Super 8mm films
1977: Interlibrary Loan System with NW Library Network
1977: Remodel
1978: VCR player for programs
1979: Interest in expansion should the pool area become available
1980: Microfiche reader & 1,600 microfiche, microfilm reader
1982: Apple II microcomputer for staff use
1986: Reciprocal borrowing agreement with KC Public Library, 25” TV and
1986: VCR for public use and tapes for checkout
1988: 3 PCs added and Microsoft Works software

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