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Games that star your favorite characters.

Lots of games and activities to explore.

More than 100 games! Some using characters you have seen on TV. 

Leonardo da Vinci guides you through games and activities while you learn principles of art. 

In the Kids' Playzone there are tons of games to explore using all your favorite colors. 

Discovery kids has games, puzzles, quizzes.

Online games with all of your favorite Disney characters.

Fun facts for kids on animals, earth, history, and more. Explore this interactive site now!

Find a new favorite website!! Includes sites of the week, games, and websites on all topics.

Anyone can be a painter. Just click and drag the mouse and watch what happens.

Find all kinds of games: action, strategy, adventure, creative and preschool. Make it click and join the fun. 

See what NASA has been up to. Watch videos or visit the NASA Kids' Club for some games. 

Discover games, animals, photos, stories, and more on this fun and interactive site!

Games for all your favorite shows and charactors. 

Games and activities themed for Dr. Seuss. Check out the link for parents which offers indoor tasks. 

Finding solitaire games, card games, and puzzle games. All games are completely free to play and don't require any download.

Go beyond the book with over 300 book trailers, celebrity book interviews and author interviews too!