Movie: Encanto Sing Along @2pm

The whole family is invited for a special sing-along viewing of Disney's Encanto in the Storytime room. Popcorn is available during the movie. But don't talk about Bruno.

The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical place called the Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift -- every child except Mirabel.

However, she soon may be the Madrigal's last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger.
Will Mirabel's determination and love save the magic surrounding Encanto and her family? Will Mirabel discover she had a unique power all of this time?

Sing, dance, laugh, and jump with us as Mirabel brings the movie to life and that Encanto teaches us no family is perfect, but it is the strongest foundation every member can rely on in times of crisis!

Join us for this exceptional, fantastical, and magical event Friday June 16th!
Showtime at 2:00 PM.

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